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Peter Richter signs AFP's "Five for Florida" Pledge

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Peter D. Richter

Peter D. Richter, Candidate for Florida State Rep. District #106 (Naples/Marco) meets with Americans for Prosperity, signs the “Five for Florida” Pledge


July 2, 2012  

Naples, FL – Peter D. Richter is taking a stand for liberty so that our children do not have to bow in slavery. During a meeting with official representatives from Americans for Prosperity (“AFP”) this weekend, Peter D. Richter officially signed the “Five for Florida” Pledge. Five for Florida is a policy platform that offers real solutions for making Florida better. The plan outlines five key issues that elected officials can address now to encourage free market principles and government accountability, in order to make Florida number one for families, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Peter D. Richter, candidate for Florida House District 106, continues to be at the forefront of the liberty movement in Collier County. By being the first (and only) candidate to have signed the pledge in the race for District 106, Richter has demonstrated once again that he has the courage to Stand for Liberty and will continue the fight for smaller, less intrusive government in Tallahassee. There was a large crowd of over 150 attendees who came out Friday evening to learn about the Five for Florida plan. Richter received a strong round of applause from the crowd when he announced that he had signed the pledge and many attendees sought Richter out after the event had ended to offer their support for his candidacy.  

Richter stated, “The voters want a representative in Tallahassee that they can rely on to always Stand for Liberty. I am the only candidate in this race who the voters can trust to fight against big government, to empower our kids through education at the local and parental level, to end the cronyism, and to fight for government transparency. Can we expect to end cronyism when my opponent voted to give big subsidies to green energy companies on the back of Florida’s taxpayers which will result in higher energy costs for everyone on Collier County?”

Richter continued, “My opponent has a track record and she’s doing everything she can to push it under the rug. From supporting Solyndra-esque boondoggles, to voting against a partial-birth abortion ban, to co-sponsoring defacto bank bailout legislation, we can tell exactly the type of politician she is. The voters in Collier County are tired of political games, they want smaller government, and by signing this Five for Florida pledge they can see that I mean what I say about reducing the burden of government on our small businesses and that I’m not afraid to take a public Stand for Liberty!”  

Peter D. Richter is a Libertarian candidate for Florida State Representative, district #106 (Formerly #76). Peter and his wife and two children are full time residents of Naples. In addition to his run for office, he is also the owner of an Information Technology consulting business.


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