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Nullify Obamacare

June 28th, 2012Nullify Obamacare1

One of the single biggest threats to our economy is from Obamacare. This massive piece of legislation threatens to undermine our free market, destroy quality healthcare, and put enormous pressure on our already struggling businesses that simply cannot afford more government theft. Today the Supreme Court made the disastrous and dangerous decision to allow the government still more power over our lives. They allowed the individual mandate, which essentially eliminates the few restrictions on government power that remained. This decision will open the floodgates to more government oppression, more government mandates, more infringements on our liberties. There will be no stopping the spread of federal power... BUT WAIT - there IS a solution. Thomas Nullify Obamacare2Jefferson described it for us. You see, the States created the federal government, and as a condition of that act, they reserved certain rights, including the right to “judge for itself, as well of infractions [of the Constitution] as of the mode and measure of redress.” If the Federal government is allowed to be its own judge and jury on the limits of its own power, then what limit to its power could ever truly exist? Clearly, we can see the result of this with today’s decision by the Supreme Court. Federal power knows no limits!
So how do we stop them? It’s quite simple. Ask each and every candidate for state legislator what their position is on Obamacare AND on Nullification. If they don’t even know what that is - you might want to find a candidate that does. You might also want to elect a few Libertarians - we shall fight incessantly to stop this. We will bend their ears, we will filibuster, we will not give up until we are successful in stopping this unconstitutional expansion of power. The states can nullify federal laws that we deem unconstitutional. We can arrest federal agents that try to violate our citizens. We can fine or arrest any state officials that cooperate with this or any other unconstitutional act of the federal government.  We can live free!

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Recently, Rep. Passidomo said "I'm gonna tell you right now, I did not go to Tallahassee to nullify Obamacare"