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Stop FPL Smart Meters

What are Smart Meters?

That sounds terrible!  What can I do about it?

1) Only support candidates that oppose these clear invasions of privacy.

2) Come to the public meeting on May 31, 2012 in Fort Myers.  FPL has requested a rate increase to the tune of $690 Million Dollars.  (Wait, weren't Smart Meters supposed to SAVE money?)

3) Send a certified letter to FPL denying Implied Consent, and refuse the new smart meters.  If you already have a smart meter (look for the FCC label), you can call FPL and get them to remove it.  They will explain that this is only a temporary measure, and that you will eventually have no choice.  We'll see about that!  Click here for a sample letter.  You can also post a laminated No Tresspass card on your meter.  Sample No Tresspass card here.

4) If you are having trouble opting out of the smart meters,
                                                 contact Cynthia Guido at 1-800-397-6544 x24. 
*** Again, they will tell you that this is a still only a temporary opt-out, so stay vigilant!

5) Send an automated email to the Public Service Commissioners... click here

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