Elect Peter Richter

Elect Peter Richter for Florida State Representative District 106 (Naples / Marco)

Florida House 106 (Naples) Comparison Chart

2012 Voter Guide
Florida State House District 106

Peter Richter Kathleen Passidomo
  YES   NO Peter Richter Kathleen Passidomo
Opposes Partial Birth Abortion
Opposes Crony-Capitalism / Corporatism / Fascism
Opposes bans on “assault rifles” ?
Opposes Red Light Cameras
Opposes special privileges for legislators
Opposes Solyndra-type green energy boondoggles
Supports Nullification of Obamacare
Supports Parental Textbook & School Choice
Supports SMALL Businesses
Supports the Constitution 100%
Supports 4th Amendment Protection against illegal search and seizure
Opposes NDAA (NDAA gave Obama the power to indefinitely detain US Citizens without trial and no right to a lawyer - Suspended Habeas Corpus!)

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